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Rachel's Table

A few years ago, the children of Alberto J La Greca, Jr. decided to leave the family business and embark on their own venture. Having worked for their father for many years, the three formed an invaluable working relationship. A trusted bond that allowed them the confidence and support to go out on their own. With the values instilled in them from their father, Allyson, Jonathan, and Adam approached a family friend, Ray Oliva, asking to buy his business. Ray was the owner of Troino’s Gourmet, a purveyor of both hot and sweet stuffed cherry peppers. Conveniently located in their hometown of Smithfield made the decision even easier.

Customers pleaded for the salads of the old days of their father’s business. A quality that was unmatched. Seafood salads made with quality ingredients, by hand, in the old family tradition. Essentially providing what the market wanted, Food Made With Love!

So why the name Rachel's Table?

Rachel was Al’s mom, and grandmother to the three new owners. When Al started his business back in 1978 the idea began on Rachel’s kitchen table as the story goes. A large wooden table still in the family today. A moment at the table filled with the love of family and good food that was able to support and live through generations to come.
Now, out of an immaculate production facility (both FDA and USDA approved) at 37H Lark Industrial Parkway, the family creates not only the family recipes of the past, but new offerings like Scungilli (Snail) Salad, Stuffed Olives, Fresh Pickles, All-Natural Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers, Marinated Seafood Salads, Mayonnaise-based Seafood Salads, Stuffed Clams, and more. In fact, Rachel’s Table also offers co-pack services to local restaurants. And just as you’d expect, many employees have been there for years, having worked with Al or Ray in years past. 
Rachel’s Table products can be found at many regional supermarkets, seafood markets, restaurants and delis, and liquor stores.  All products are shipped by local distributors to area retailers.  CoPack services are offered, please contact Adam or Allyson for further information. Rachel’s Table can be reached at (401) 949-5333.
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